Class Description, Materials, and Fees

Both Wheel and Hand-building Classes are offered at Chambers Pottery. Wheel classes are taught to either Beginning, or Intermediate-to-Advanced levels. Hand-building classes are appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced. All our classes are small enough to allow for individual attention and our teachers are happy to give it. For a more detailed description of classes, click here on either Wheel or Hand-building Classes.

Open Studio Time is available to all currently enrolled students free of charge. Practice makes the potter. Although this time is for self-directed exploration and practice, and there is no teacher present, a studio monitor is available to answer basic questions and explain common studio procedures.

Materials (clays and glazes) are part of your class fee. Underglazes are available at a nominal cost, paid as part of your firing fee at the end of the term. The studio offers three clay bodies and twelve to sixteen glazes. Students can purchase a basic kit of potter’s tools ($18) at first class. Tools for children’s classes are provided by Chambers Pottery.

Tuition Fee is $400 per term. Terms – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter – are 10 classes long unless otherwise noted. Adult classes are two hours long, and meet once per week. Children’s pottery classes are 1 ½ hours long, meet once a week, and observe public school holidays. Children’s classes are $290 or $320 per term. Click here For Registration and Payment.

Firing fees are calculated at a rate of $0.045 per square inch, plus a flat fee for handles.  All firing fees are due at the end of the term before registering for another class.  A medium sized mug typically costs between $2 to $3 to fire.

We also offer Private Classes – Individual Instruction for Adults or Children, Children’s Pottery Birthday Parties, or Corporate Team Building Sessions. Learn more here.