Private Classes

Private Classes

of one or more students can be arranged for either wheel work or hand-building. A single class, or a series of classes may be booked based on your availability and the instructor’s schedule. For wheel classes it is a minimum of 2 hours at $55 per hour per person. Contact Amanda Mathews, the director of Chambers Pottery, at to discuss scheduling.

Gift Classes:

Any regularly scheduled class may be given as a gift by registering and paying for your friend’s class. In addition, you may pay for a regularly scheduled seasonal class ($400) and allow your friend to choose which class is convenient for him or her to attend by contacting Amanda Mathews at To give a gift of individual instruction or private classes contact Amanda Mathews at

A Corporate Team Building Session

is an unconventional, effective, low-stress way to reinforce team spirit and loosen the inhibited group dynamic that can become rooted in a corporate setting. To learn to think outside the box, work on the wheel. Participants will need to bring a set of clothes in which they can get messy. Sessions typically last 2 hours, with the first ½ hour dedicated to demonstration and the remaining time to individual instruction. Clean-up takes 20 minutes at the end of the class. Consider going out for dinner after the session. Chambers Pottery is located in the middle of Tribeca: Happy restaurant hunting. To find out more about booking our Corporate Team Building Session contact Amanda Mathews at

Pottery Birthday Parties

with instruction in Hand-Building are available at Chambers Pottery for children aged 5 and older. Fee is $60 per child, with a minimum of fee of $300 and a maximum of 16 children. One adult must accompany each group of 10 children and a second adult for groups over 10 children. The pottery-making party runs 2 hours with pottery making usually taking the first 1 ½ hours and the cake and celebration the last ½ hour. Refreshments, cake, candles, paper products, etc, will be provided by the adult booking the party. Instruction, clean-up, and all pottery materials will be provided Chambers Pottery.

Pottery Birthday Parties with instruction on the Wheel are limited to children aged 7 and older with a minimum of 6 children per class and a maximum of 12. Fee is $70 per child. All other details are the same as those for Handing-building parties.

At the end of your party each child will have made and “painted” (under-glazed) at least one piece of work. When the work is dried it will be clear glazed and fired. When the work is ready (usually 3 weeks) Chambers Pottery will contact the party’s organizer to arrange pick up. To book a Pottery Birthday Party for either Hand-Building or Wheel please contact Amanda Mathews at