Is “the wheel” that round, spinning thing that Demi Moore was working on when Patrick Swayze put his arms around her in the beginning of the movie Ghost?
I’m really uncoordinated. Can I take a Beginning Wheel class even if I’ve never done it before?
Yes you can.
Is it messy? Do I need special clothes?
It is messy. Bring old, comfy clothes to change into. You can keep them in a labeled plastic bag in the studio bathroom. Or you can wear your pottery clothes to class and go home covered in clay. No one will sit too close to you on the subway.
Can I register with a friend, or two?
Of course you can. Pottery loves company.
I just missed the start of the new term but really want to take classes. Can I start late? Do I have to pay full tuition?
In general it is unwise to start the term late if you are a complete beginner. That said, a pro-rated tuition may be arranged at the discretion of the director. Contact Amanda at info@chamberspottery.com.
I did pottery for one semester in college a long time ago. Do I need to take a Beginning class? The only time good for me, I see on your Class Schedule page, is listed as Intermediate-Advanced.
You are probably OK to go into the Intermediate-Advanced. The instructors are flexible in curriculum and approach. The only class that is strictly for non-beginners is Monday 6-8.
I missed a class. Can I make it up?
Yes, you may attend a class on another night, within the semester only, with the permission of the director (info@chamberspottery.com). When you enter the make-up class introduce your self to the teacher. Amanda will have spoken with him/her about your make-up session.
At the end of the term I still had work on the glaze shelf waiting to be fired. Can I pick it up after term ends?
Yes. Just come by anytime during class or open studio hours. However, if you are not registered for the next term, any work left on your individual workshelf will be discarded directly after the last class of the term you attended.
Can I continue to use the studio during Open Studio Hours in between class terms?
That depends. If you have registered for the next term, paid your outstanding firing fees and your class fee, you will be able to use the studio in between terms during Open Studio Hours without charge. You should, however, check the calendar to ensure that there will be Open Studio Hours during the break, but usually there are some. For the long break between the Fall and Winter terms, you will have to register and pay to use the studio for Open Studio Hours.
I’ve never done pottery before. My sister is getting married and I want to make her a set of dinnerware. Can I do that at Chambers Pottery?
If your sister is getting married 1 or 2 years from now, maybe. If she is getting married 2 months from now, try Crate & Barrel.
I’ve never done pottery but want to start. The Wheel looks hard. It’s moving! Should I begin with a Hand-Building class?
It does seem, at first, that throwing pots (working on the wheel) is harder than hand building. But that’s kind of an illusion. By its own motion, the wheel dictates the class of shapes you may make. It takes some time getting used to those dictates and learning to work within them. In hand-building there is no “given” motion. You learn to work within and through the stresses and possibilities inherent in coils and slabs, and pinch-pots. The very freedom of hand-building can seem daunting. But the possibilities are endless, from the whimsically charming to the profoundly artful. So, decide which class interests you more and go for it. You can switch next term if you find yourself hankering for the other class.