Chambers Pottery

Studio Guidelines

Below are certain guidelines and rules, as well as some general information that we ask our students and studio potters to keep in mind.

General Studio Guidelines

  • There are no make up classes, so please choose your class time wisely. If, for some reason, the studio needs to cancel a class, the make up class will be added onto the end of the session and there may be an open studio during the cancelled class time.
  • Please start your cleanup 15 minutes before the end of your studio session. Don’t leave stuff for other studio mates to take care of after you’ve left. This is when things get forgotten like tools or clay on the wedging tables, so please pay attention to your surroundings.
  • To make things easier for yourself, try to clean as you go. When you’re finished in one area, clean it up before you move to the next area.
  • Please don’t wash your clay hands in the bathroom sink or the kiln room sink. Please use the large double sink in the classroom space.
  • As a student you will be assigned half a shelf space. If you make more than what can fit on your shelf, the studio has overflow shelves but work cannot be on the shelves for more than two weeks and must be labeled with your name, class, and date of storage. 
  • Firing fees are 5 cents per cubic inch and that includes the price of clay and glaze materials. There is a minimum firing fee of 1.50 per piece.
  • Use one bucket of glaze at a time, please don’t contaminate the glazes by having more than one lid open at a time. Please don’t dump the glazes in the sink
  • Please don’t bring guests to your class or open studio.
  • Please go into the hallway or outside when you take calls so that your fellow studio mates aren’t disturbed.
  • Bikes aren’t allowed in the studio, or in the lobby of the building, please lock it up outside
  • At the end of the term, please clear off your shelf and if you’re waiting to pick up bisque, make sure you come back in two weeks.
  • Please take care of your own things, the studio is not responsible for your lost, stolen, or misplaced items.
  • Pots left for more than six weeks after a class will be tossed.
  • Please check the FAQ page and contact us if you have any unanswered questions.

Open Studio Guidelines

  • Students can reserve open studio in two-hour timeslots on Fridays (6-8 pm), Saturdays (1-6 pm), and Sundays (1-6 pm).
  • Students may make one reservation in advance, and once you are at the studio, if there is space in the next time slot, you can continue into the next slot.
  • This policy exists so that we can be fair to your fellow potters. If you have not signed up for open studio when you arrive, you will regrettably be turned away. 
  • 8-10 students are allowed in the studio during each open studio time slot, including monitors and teachers.
  • Students enrolled in a class will be given a link to reserve time in open studio sessions after they have paid for the term.

Studio Potter Guidelines

  • Studio Potters may use the studio when there are no classes or open studio periods. Most commonly, these times will be in the morning or afternoon, as most classes end around 10 PM.
  • A maximum of 8 studio potters may be in the studio at one time
  • To be a studio potter you need to be able to work independently, and you must have taken at least one class here at Chambers Pottery. If you’ve already taken a class with us, and are able to work independently, you may join the waitlist for a studio potter membership. Otherwise, please feel free to enroll in a class instead.